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Dúo AnDerín

Sonntag, 27.08.
20.00 Uhr
Kleine Bühne

Derk Rossbach
I was born in Germany. My parents connected me especially to arts and nature. I started to receive violin classes at the age of 6 and continued with violin professional studies later on in Austria, Germany and the United States. I collaborated with a variety of orquestras, such as Stuttgarter Philharmoniker, Heidelberger Sinfoniker and Orquestra Ciudad de Granada. I also worked as a soloist and in chamber music and as a violin teacher. Among my masters you can find famous musicians, but these were not my only masters. Sometimes ‘ʼsimple‘ʼ people, children and autodidact musicians, whose authenticity and beauty in their art, had an impact on me. I realized how much power art can have, when sharing the profoundness of the soul. Further I realized that fanatic perfectionism and true beauty are enemies. Since 2003 I am experimenting the use of violin far from the classical world, searching new spaces of improvisation, collaborating with poetry, contemporary dance and mime shows, experiencing a mutual inspiration between body and musical expression as an adventure of special attraction to me.
With Ángela Bermúdez I have found an ideal partner for sharing the magic of our dreams, collaborating as a duo. My artistic career is parallel to my work as a therapeutic and teacher in Shiatsu and Osteopathy.

Ángela Bermúdez

I was born in Madrid. Since I was very young, Iʼve had profound experiences through music. I always experienced the movement of the body as a way of liberation. Since then self-inner development, music and dance have been important partners and guides, showing me, that there is a true connection between all of them. It became a personal search, philosophy, way of experimenting and understanding art and its beauty. All this makes even more sense to me, when I get to share it somehow, especially with children and in natural atmospheres, due to a deep connection and love to nature. This is the essence of my personal search and artistic career. I play several instruments, being percussions my specialization: hang drum, flamenco box, African pumpkin, djembe, bendir, some flutes, piano and others. I am specializing in flamenco dance, although I feel attracted to many other disciplines which complement me. Nowadays, both music and dance are integrated in my creations. I work as a musician in companies, which have as aim the social integration and the development of consciousness and haling processes.

As Dúo Anderín, we would like to carry our illusions and our dreams far beyond conventionalisms and frontiers.


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